segunda-feira, 28 de outubro de 2019

• This sunshine...

“I hate to be leaving this sunshine, this bright daylight!…”
I’ve heard this from one of the passengers on the car I was driving*. From a londonian lady that was about to fly back to her city. I was almost dropping her off at the Lisbon airport Terminal 1.
“This sun warmth, you can feel it up to your bones.”, she added to another female colleague of her in the back seat of my fancy and new black Mercedes E Class, both of them.
These two ladies had just finished to participate on an international event that had been promoted by the Lisbon City Council, named “World Cities Culture Summit Lisbon 2019”. 
I may be fed up of living here in the so called “sunny Lisbon”. I sure would like to live elsewhere during the summertime. I would like to live much closer to the one I love, even if not with her under the same roof, anymore.
But that doesn’t make me forget that I still live here, in what might be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world, if not the most popular of them all, in terms of city break destination.
We can see happiness stamped in the faces of the hordes of foreigners that fill up the streets in the center of Lisbon, at every hour of the day and night.
This city is no longer the same without them. We need them like a garden needs flowers to be spread all over it. We need them to make us locals remember that we live in a quite cool piece of paradise.
* I’m a limo driver, sometimes, folks. Other times I play another one of my roles in this global society, being a tour guide.