quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2018

• #TeamSevak

I consider myself to be a citizen of the world. I don’t know if I’m really a true one, but I always try my best to become that way.

Saying about oneself that one is, in fact, a citizen of the world is although not enough. One has to find what is his place in this world. What is his main mission in life. Or missions. Some smaller ones than this greatest one.

These last few days and until the 12th of the current month I’m taking a break on what I could call “my normal life”. That is, if my life could even once be seen as something normal, let's say...

I’m currently a volunteer in the ESC, Eurovision Song Contest. This year, 2018, the thing is held right here in my once dear hometown, Lisbon.

My role is to be a “delegation host”. I have to give all the support I can to a certain country delegation, on their trips from or to the airport, hotel, venue, blue carpet* and tours that are previewed these delegations to do.

But what’s a delegation, one may ask himself?… To put it in a simple way, it’s the group of people each country brings to participate on this event.

I was slightly wishing and hoping to be chosen to be the host of these few countries… Estonia, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, to be precise. By this order of preference. And this is a long story to be told here and now.

But the universe or some divinities, in their good wisdom, put me side by side with these Armenian folks, that are all around and behind their somehow symbolic singer, a certain Mr. Sevak Khanagyan. Fine!...  :-)

They’re alright… They’re friendly people. Unpretentious. Looking at them, each and every one of them, they seem to try as hard as myself to be this ideal citizen of the world.

They can perhaps feel a little bit tense to be quite far away from their homeland, where nowadays the people in the streets of Yerevan are experiencing what they call the Velvet Revolution...

Sevak himself, as well, seems to be a fine guy, with the looks kind of like a brave cossack. And not at all a male diva**.

His peculiar song, Qami, in my opinion has a certain… power. Like an hymn. A gospel hymn.

Far from being like the typical song one can expect on this show. Perhaps the show with most viewers, on a worldwide basis, they say…

The typical song in this event, the Eurovision Song Contest, my experience says it’s usually a “dumb song”. Without any important message. Without feelings. With a choreography that tries to be as original, never seen before, as possible, at any cost.

Qami means “Wind”. Its lyrics can be read clicking here, in English and, originally, in Armenian, this so forgotten language.

As in last year winning song, there’s something in the lyrics that I would like to think it was written like if the composer knew how my past love life has been. 

“What’s the cost of a madman’s wounds
Your love has opened,
Imprisoning my existence within.”

If our good friend Sevak will reach the final, my hopes on mankind will be given an impressive boost.

I will pursue watching, since last year, this big event, the Eurovision Song Contest, with a different perspective.

And I think I will probably start to travel the whole world, to resume this perpetual search for my place on it.

* This blue carpet thing is kind of a “walk of fame” on a carpet which is not blue but red, as in the Oscar. Go figure it out…

** I said so because divas don't have to be always of a female kind. There can be such things as male divas, as well.

To listen to the very obvious original soundtrack related to this post, just click here.